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Agreement Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

Registration of Written Agreements – Commission, Bonus & Incentive Payment Arrangements

Why Agreement Registration?

In order to preserve the integrity of commission, bonus & incentive payment arrangements between employers and their employees, the Real Estate Industry Award 2010 made it compulsory that such arrangements be:

  • in writing until 30/12/14
  • registered with a third party that was independent of the employee-employer relationship.
  • From 01/01/15 registration is no longer compulsory but still available with the QPIR.

In Queensland the 'independent third party' is the Queensland Property Industry Registry (QPIR), which is the responsibility of Real Estate Personnel Solutions Australia Pty Ltd (REPSA)

Who may have an agreement?

Employees covered by the Real Estate Industry Award 2010 may have an agreement registered, that is: Salespeople, Sales Associates, Property Managers, Property Management Associates and Strata/Community Title Management employees.

Should clerical or administration staff have an agreement?

Yes, all employees should have a written agreement.

Should the owners or principals of the business have an agreement?

Yes, if they are also employees of the business.

Should partners in the business who receive a weekly wage or salary have an agreement ?

Yes, if they are also employees of the business.

Should family members have an agreement?

Yes, if they are employees of the business.

Should contractors have an agreement?

The question as to whether a person is a contractor or employee is something that all parties should be very wary about. Just because a person provides an ABN number and supplies a Tax Invoice does not automatically make that person a contractor.

Employers have been prosecuted for employing persons under such arrangements when it is clear that the person is an employee and not a contractor. We suggest that parties seek comprehensive advice from a specialist workplace relations lawyer regarding such matters, and not just rely on an accountant or suburban solicitor’s view.

The Federal regulator (the Fair Work Ombudsman) has published information regarding contractors vs. employee and sham contracting - please visit:

       Fair Work Ombudsman - Sham Contracting

Is the registration of agreements something new?

No, the requirement to register agreements took effect in Queensland since 1997, and interstate over 30 years ago.

What are the fees and who are they payable to?

The administration fee is $110.00 (including GST) per employee per agreement.

Where do I send the documentation?

Send an original copy of each employee’s Application to Register, agreement, and payment for the administration fee, to:

   PO Box 274

Should I register any alteration to an employee’s arrangements and is a fee payable?

You may register any variation to commission, bonus or incentive payment arrangements. An additional fee is payable - this is normally set at 50% of the full administration fee.