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Privacy & Condidentiality

Whilst not directly subject to the Privacy Act, issues of information security and confidentially are taken very seriously by QPIR and as such, it has voluntarily adopted "privacy principles".

QPIR data is stored in two systems - a "records" database and a "documents" database.  The "records" database contains information about the existence of each registered agreement, and basic information such as name and contact details (for employee and employer), whether the agreement is commission only or otherwise, agreement registration date (and expiry date, if relevant), processing dates and administration fees paid.  The "documents" database contains a copy of each registered agreement, plus any ancillary paperwork.  Each database is highly secure and the documents database itself is fully audit-tracked - i.e. no modification (or indeed access) to documents can be made once it has been entered without an auditable record of that activity.  Also, once a document is entered into the documents database, it can never be deleted.  A physical copy of each registered agreement is also stored in a secure offsite facility.

Other than scrutiny of each agreement to ensure it meets requirements for registration (e.g. it is signed by the parties, and contains details about commission, incentive payments or bonuses) nothing other than the data mentioned above is taken from any agreement registered by QPIR.  Information about each registered agreement is only made available to the parties to that agreement, or the courts or the Fair Work Ombudsman, and then only upon written request or receipt of a summons.