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About QPIR

The Role of the Queensland Property Industry Registry (QPIR)

QPIR was authorised by Fair Work Australia as the registry for written agreements within the real estate industry in Queensland.  In support of this process, QPIR provides information to both employers and employees on agreement-making.  QPIR can also assist employers and employees with some questions related to:

  • the Real Estate Industry Award 2010
  • the National Employment Standards,

as they apply nationally to the Real Estate Industry.

The QPIR is a secure registry which safely stores Employment Agreements. The agreements are checked for compliance before registration, and are stored in a secure location. Many find it a "load off their mind" to have a signed agreement registered with the QPIR and held by a third party, which eliminates the potential of documents being "doctored".

Any questions regarding employment conditions or the content of employment agreements should be directed to:

FOR EMPLOYERS:  The Real Estate Employers Association (REEA) - Website: Email:  Bruce Siebenhausen:

FOR EMPLOYEES: The Australian Property Services Association (APSA) - Website: Email: Tom French:


Feel free to call QPIR on 07 3219 7622


QPIR welcomes you!

Please contact the QPIR office if you have any questions.